by Jesse Thomas

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"I miss you my dear Xiola..." part of the opening monologue from the Jane's Addiction's song 'Three Days', I found it carved on a desk at Bridgewater State College years before I ever heard the song, I wrote it all out in my notebook and then later when I showed it to my new cool friends- they understood why I did that -why its important to save things that don't make sense at the time because you dream all will be revealed someday. And now I miss them all. (I'd sneak out to see them; the painting in my parents basement hid a secret passage to the outside or, in a pinch, the way back in.) Thank You for listening.


released July 3, 2015

Recorded by Ezra Lange in the Sugar Cave, Summer 2011 - Winter 2014. Mixed and Co-Produced by Charlie Malave. Mastered by Peter Landry. Cover Art by Catalina Simon.



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Jesse Thomas Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: For Here Or To Go
I'm still here so I wait for you to come back someday I wonder what you might say if you could see what we became the secrets we promised to keep the night horizon kissed the sea i passed the test fell down the chute lost a friend gave away the boots take the show on the road I knew and now I know times goes by so slow for here or to go
Track Name: I Come Apart
I come apart baby bit by bit
I come apart as easy as a candlewick gets lit
I come apart so sorry to say
I come apart each and every single day

My mind is weak but my back is strong
I can make the nicey-nice all night long
Fill up your neediness
Another cup of want
With my grin I’m feeling like an idiot savant

I come apart there ain’t no shame
Everyone I know holds their share of the blame
I come apart at the breastbone and the throat
My castle’s crumbling, lost into the moat

I come apart, darling, split just like a vest
A set of vestments on a sinner’s chest
Cracks are forming, light shines through
I come apart just at the thought of you
Track Name: My Big Mouth
lost inside
the sugar cave
need to hide
my thoughts away
need to find
my thoughts a place
just one thing
feels good to me
but its no good
to think that way

every time i think to say
2nd guess double check the way
crossed the line once again
spoke too soon & lost a friend
on the phone or on the call
always my foot in my mouth

Won’t hear me complain
Underneath Duct tape
We remove all doubt
Me & my big mouth

between the pages
of my mind
plain as day
for you to find
ive made mistakes
its fair to say
ive said too much
thats just my way
the way they raised
us up from dirt
taught me how
to use my words
then later on
out came my voice
shaky at best
at worst just noise
now its me
without the boys
just carnations
bombs deploy
made to rust
my just desserts
insatiable lust imagined hurt
Track Name: Sophisticated
That girl's sophisticated I mean it looks like she knows how to dress that girl's sophisticated next to you oh honey you know I'm a mess
She's the sweet seductress and he's the deceiver he might make it out ok but you know he'll never leave her when she bounces like a bunny it'll give you a fever she's the sender baby who'll be the receiver
Track Name: Roots
(Darling for so long where there were one set
of footprints i carried you from the desert
what kind of thanks is my children's distance
ice forms around me please dont feel sorry

there are two things we share roots and wings
I fly so far away from you the wings turn to roots)
Track Name: Richard III
You be the dog and I’ll be the street and
You can lose your mind when you walk all over me
I can bite back just like 1,2,3
You be the dog and I’ll be the street
You be the spider and I’ll be the fly
You spin a web and decide when I die
And you bite off my head and suck out my eyes
You be the spider and I’ll be the fly
You be the couch and I’ll be the chair and
I’ll be over here and you’ll be over there and
We’ll sit around like furniture, inert it’s only fair
You be the couch and I’ll be the chair

(I am Richard The Third; I’m the worst you ever heard)